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If your shed is taking up space without being used, it’s a good time to have it removed.

Like lofts and garages, sheds often become dumping grounds for unwanted items. They can also end up being forgotten about, dilapidated and taking up needless space. WJFJ offers a range of waste removal services that includes taking away sheds, leaving no mess behind.

We will dismantle your old shed and ensure that any waste inside is either recycled or disposed of. Our team also regularly carry out house, garage and loft clearances.

Affordable and reliable, WJFJ Limited carry out both part and full clearances.

Choose WJFJ for your waste clearances and you’ll never pay more than you need. We visit your property in Cambridgeshire to assess the size of the job and provide you with a free quotation.

What happens to items that need removing?

Any items that have significant value which need removing can be deducted from the cost. Alternatively, we can buy them from you.

You can also be assured that we recycle as much as possible and will never commit fly tipping. Instead, items might be sent to re-seller, charities or used as recycled materials. Only as a last resort are they sent to a landfill.

If you need a shed removal in Cambridgeshire, contact our friendly team for more information.

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